About BakeHouse – Fresh. Modern. Local.

BakeHouse is a wholesale bakery located in the heart of Washington, DC. We’re best known for our seasonally-rotating variety of biscuits and scones, but we offer a range of different baked goods including cookies, muffins, quiche, and brioche cinnamon rolls.

Our menu changes regularly to take advantage of the best local and seasonal ingredients, and our pastries offer a contemporary take on modern American baking.


About our Owners

BakeHouse is the brainchild of husband and wife team Niall Cooper and Lindsey Morse. Their dream of opening a bakery began back in 2007 when they moved to the secluded island of South Georgia, in the southern Atlantic Ocean, to work in a small museum catering to visiting Antarctic cruise ships. They were thousands of miles from anywhere selling anything and found themselves faced with the possibility of living without freshly baked goodies.  Unwilling to give up such luxuries, Lindsey took to the ovens and started developing the recipes that would evolve over time to become BakeHouse staples.

Lindsey is an art historian turned baker and entrepreneur, who brings an aesthetic eye to all of her creations, and believes that it’s a wonderful thing to serve beautiful food in stylish surroundings.

Originally from Britain, Niall worked in museum management before establishing BakeHouse. He is a trained barista, although, being from the UK, Niall will always have a place in his heart for proper cup of tea.